Total 16-18 spend increased by about £19.4 million between 2019/20 and 2020/21, or by 11%

16-18 change analysis by Local Authority (£)

In relation to geographical patterns of change, 16-18 spend increased in all local authorities over this period, with the largest proportionate increases in Wolverhampton (+17%) and Solihull (+17%).

16-18 change by Level

Numbers of enrolments decreased at every at all levels below Level 3, but this was more than compensated by an increase in enrolments at Level 3+.

16-18 change analysis by Gender / Ethnicity

In total 39,933 16-18 learners were enrolled, up 3% from the previous year.

Numbers of both female and male 16-18 learners increased although the rate of growth of female learners was 3.6% compared with 2.6% in males. The rate of growth was highest in those in Mixed or Multiple ethnicity groups (5%) and those in Black African or Black Caribbean groups (4.2%). together with learners from all main ethnic groups.

16-18 change analysis by Priority Sector

Numbers of enrolments also increased in all four priority sectors, though the proportion of enrolments in priority sectors remained at 15%.