In 2020/21 there were almost 40,000 16-18 learners resident in the WMCA area.

16-18 – Number of enrolments by English, Maths and ESOL

Maths enrolments accounted for 16% of all enrolments, English (12%), with ESOL a further 1%.

16-18 – Number of learners by highest level (%)

The highest level of courses being undertaken by 33% of learners was Level 2, with Level 3 accounting for 57%.

Comparison of 16-18 learners by ward and levels of deprivation by output area points to a link between concentrations of these learners and concentrations of deprivation.

Number of 16-18 learners by gender (%)

53% of learners were male and 47% female

Number of 16-18 learners by disability (%)

20% were recorded as having a disability.

Number of 16-18 learners by ethnicity (%)

Just over half were from a BME background.