In the 2021/22 academic year, a total of 11,598 apprentices were ‘on programme’ at CWM colleges. In the same year 4,571 learners started apprenticeships provided by CWM colleges. As the duration of an apprenticeship can vary, this analysis is solely reporting on new apprenticeship starts within any year, not on the number of apprentices on programme.  

Apprenticeship Starts Headlines for 2021/22 

In 2021/22 the total number of apprenticeship starts was 22% lower than in 2019/2- 

The decline varied across levels and was greatest in Higher apprenticeships (48% decline) and lowest in Advanced apprenticeships (13% decline). 

In 2021/22 more than half of the apprenticeship starts were on advanced level apprenticeships. 

The proportion of apprentices starting advanced level apprenticeships has been growing over the past three years. 

The proportion of apprentices in the 16-18 age group has grown marginally over the last three years, though overall numbers are still lower than in 2019/20 

Apprenticeship starts in Construction grew by over 30% in the three year period, while Engineering and Business starts declined by over 40% in the same period. 

The vast majority of apprentices identify as White (85%+) with only a minor shift downwards in the last three years.