CWM learners aged 16-19 in the four priority sectors totalled 12,878 which was 28.5% of all 16-19 learners. 

Business, Administration and Law 

A very small proportion of provision is at lower levels. 69% of all learning in this sector is at level 3, with 25% at level 2. 


Construction is the sector for which the greatest number of CWM 16-19 learners studied in 2021/22. The 4,976 construction learners accounted for 11% of all 16-19 learners that year. 

The profile of construction provision is mainly at level 1 (47%) and level 2 (36%). The proportion of learners at level 3 is 3% higher in the case of leaners with WMCA postcodes. . 


ICT is the sector skills area in which the greatest proportion of CWM 16-19 learners were learning at level 3. In total 73% studied at advanced level and the proportion of those at the higher level was 4% higher in learners living outside the WMCA area. A quarter of ICT learning is at level 2. 


Engineering provision for CWM 16-19 learner was distributed the most evenly across levels, with 52% at level 3, 37% at level 2 and 11% at level 1.