Destinations by funding type 

A high proportion of adult learners at CWM colleges did not have their destination recorded on the ILR. The percentage of unknown destinations is lowest for AEB funded learners (34%). 

Those on Free Courses for Jobs funded provision are most likely to have a recorded destination of emplloyment (33%) and those on Advanced Learner Loan funded provision are least likely to be unemployed and most likelt to progress to higher education (20%). 

There is extremely low progression of adult learners to apprenticeship provision – only 141 college learners across all 17 colleges progressed to apprenticeships last year. 

AEB destinations by level 

Despite the fact that the high proportion of unknown destinations affect the analysis, there is a clear pattern where the lower the level, the more likely the learner is to stay in FE. 10% of those at level 3 progress to higher education. Generally the higher the level of learning the more likely the learners is to have a recorded destination of employment with peak recorded employment levels (41%) in the case of those learning at level 2.  

Level 3 destinations 

Learners on Level 3 provision funded through Advanced Learners Loans were most likely to progress to higher education (20%) and those funded through AEB and Free Courses for Jobs most likely to enter work. 

Destinations by sector  

Looking at key sectors, across all levels and funding types, the ones which show the highest rate of employment destinations are: Health, Nursing and Social Care (51%) and Motor Vehicle and Transportation (65,5%). Those studying ICT are most likely to continue in FE (34%). 

Destinations by sector – AEB funded 

The sectors in which AEB funded adult learners had a destination of employment in 2021/22 were Motor Vehicle and Transportation, Health, Nursing and Social Care, Business Administration and Law and ICT. AEB funded learners are not likely to progress to HE but 5-15% stay on in further learning in the FE sector. 

  Apprenticeship Other FE HE Employed Not in Paid Employment Other Unknown 
01. Health, Nursing and Social Care 0.1% 5.6% 2.3% 51.6% 10.2% 2.8% 27.4% 
03. Child Development and Well Being 0.5% 12.2% 1.3% 37.0% 19.9% 5.2% 23.9% 
06. Engineering 0.2% 15.4% 0.7% 37.9% 17.0% 4.2% 24.5% 
07. Motor Vehicle and Transportation 0.1% 6.8% 0.5% 66.6% 10.3% 3.0% 12.5% 
08. Construction, Planning and the Built Environment 0.8% 12.8% 0.2% 39.1% 10.6% 6.1% 30.4% 
09. Information and Communication Technology 0.5% 11.8% 0.5% 45.4% 13.0% 4.8% 23.9% 
20. Business, Administration and Law 0.5% 11.8% 0.5% 46.0% 12.6% 4.8% 23.9% 

Destinations by location 

When comparing the destinations of CWM adult learners who live within the WMCA postcode areas with those resident outside the patch, the main differences are: