2019/20 Adult Education Budget – Spend

In 2019/20 AEB spend accounted for just over £49 million of which:

AEB spend by Local Authority

More than half was accounted for by learners living within Birmingham.

AEB spend by LEP area

57% by learners living within Birmingham and Solihull LEP area, 35% within the Black Country LEP area and the remainder within Coventry and Warwickshire LEP area.

AEB spend by Level

More than half related to Level 1 or lower enrolments, more than a third to Level 2 enrolments, with 10% Level 3 enrolments.

AEB spend by Ward

Particular concentrations of AEB spend is evident in a number of localities within Birmingham and to a lesser extent, Walsall, Sandwell and Wolverhampton.

AEB spend by sector

60% of the AEB spend relates to essential skills and just under 40% to professional and technical skills.

AEB statutory entitlement and ESOL spend

The statutory entitlements of maths enrolments accounted for 14% of spend, English accounted for 11%, with ESOL accounting for 21%.

AEB spend by employment status upon enrolment

More than 60% of spend was accounted for by unemployed learners, a further 13% by learners out of work but not looking for work and more than a quarter by learners in paid employment.

AEB spend in relation to unemployed by age

Of the nearly £30 million spend relating to unemployed learners, almost 80% was accounted for by those aged 24+.

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