The aim of the Sustainable Futures Partnership is to work collaboratively to reduce carbon emissions across the FE estate and to prepare staff and students for a greener and sustainable future. Led by Mel Lenehan, Principal of Fircroft College, Principals from across all CWM colleges provide strategic leadership and direction.

Strategic activities span

Towards Net Zero

Lead: Olly Scholefield, Solihull College and University Centre


  1. Share best practice assessing carbon usage, working with EAUC
  2. Implement a consistent approach to assessing carbon usage across CWM colleges
  3. Pilot carbon usage assessment and report tools collaboratively as they become available.
  4. Develop and implement target setting for carbon reduction.
  5. Report collectively on progress towards carbon reduction.
  6. Access funding available to support colleges with carbon reduction

Learning, Curriculum, and Professional Development

Lead: Mel Lenehan, Fircroft College


  • To support the development of staff knowledge and understanding of sustainability to enable the development of curriculum and curriculum resources on sustainability and climate action, specifically
  • To promote and use current sector and non-sector training and development options for staff
  • To develop a funded regional teacher training programme for 2023/24.
  • To promote more extensive use of ETF resources for learners and the Carbon Literacy Project

Student Engagement and Wider Partnerships

Lead: Tom Hamilton-Dick, North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College.


  • To support the development of student engagement and leadership in climate action.
  • To consider and develop wider partnerships outside of the FE sector to work collaboratively with.
  • With support from Students Organising for Sustainability, 13 colleges are planning a climate action week in the week of 26th June 2023.