The impact of Covid-19 on learners and businesses in the West Midlands has been unprecedented. As we move through the public health emergency, further education colleges in the West Midlands will play a pivotal role. We recognise that Covid-19 may change ways of studying and working in the future. Many of you, as residents in the region, may need to refresh and redevelop your skills.

Colleges in the West Midlands are working collaboratively for you. We have agreed this Education and Skills Pledge to support both individual learners and the region’s businesses.

In addition to the great courses offered across our colleges, we are committed to supporting anyone who is out of work, helping them to gain new employment or re-train. We will also support businesses, helping them to restart and flourish again. We will provide more higher and technical skill development opportunities required by employers.

Colleges West Midlands is delighted to be working collaboratively for you in these challenging times.

Lowell Williams
Chair Colleges West Midlands