Welcome to the website for Colleges West Midlands. Colleges West Midlands is a formal strategic partnership of 20 colleges, including all colleges within the West Midlands Combined Authority area. We work together to support skills development across our regions, responding as a single voice to new initiatives and government reforms.

Developing a highly collaborative approach our ambition is to drive up the skills base in our regions, contributing to increased economic prosperity, social cohesion and inward investment.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Colleges West Midlands please contact: Lowell Williams Chair, Colleges West Midlands, email address: lowell.williams@btinternet.com, tel no: 07728 499728.

Reignite Your Future
A Regional Skills Recovery Programme has been set up across the West Midlands to help you to refresh and redevelop your skills!
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The UK 2070 Papers

8th September 2020

http://uk2070.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/The-UK2070-Papers-Series-Two.pdf Refer to Section 8 Creating Colleges of the future for a fairer and stronger society by Lewis Cooper, Director of the Independent Commission on the College of the Future which includes a contribution from Colleges West Midlands.

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Covid-19 recovery: Devolve authority for FE and skills

6th August 2020

To tackle the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis, regions must be able to design their own recovery, says Lowell Williams Last week, I was discussing the challenge of post-Covid economic recovery with the prime minister at Dudley College of Technology. Now, there’s a sentence I thought I’d never write.…

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