Staff from 17 colleges across the West Midlands and Warwickshire have joined forces to launch the Green Changemakers – an influential community of practitioners rapidly redefining the part colleges play in Green Skills and sustainability. These Green Changemakers are active within many parts of their organisations bringing about transformational change from within. 

The Green Changemaker course is designed and delivered by Fircroft College within DfE’s LSIF-funded Wider Green Skills Project. 

Since its launch four months ago, the 40 Changemakers are already active promoting positive changes, not just across the curriculum, but in strategy, the college environment and the student experience.  

Many actions have been implemented by the Green Changemakers including: 

· Six colleges immediately established their own internal sustainability groups for staff and students led by the Green Changemakers. 

· All colleges have arranged training sessions and internal and external presentations to not only staff and students but to the wider community as well as contributing to books, podcasts and online magazines and speaking at conferences. 

· One college has introduced Green Walks with students to raise awareness of sustainability, “green” volunteering and climate change issues. 

Dr Lou Mycroft from Fircroft College says, “This project was launched to help tutors find their way in a world where most people want to do something but are petrified by #ecoanxiety. Green Changemaking is a game-changer, shifting those good intentions into action.” 

It’s hoped the thinking about sustainability can be expanded, with further Green Changemaker courses on the way. An interactive virtual tutor hub will also be launched to give educators across the region the connectivity, resources and support to keep updated and to ensure the future is green!